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  1. Hi, I am attempting to do something I'm not sure is possible . My customer has adopted Pulseway to keep track of their PCs running their systems and would like more than just the PC-related events to show up in Pulseway. We are running a LabVIEW executable application that controls a manufacturing system and monitors inputs and checks those inputs against expected limits. If any of those inputs are outside the specified limits, the system will output warning and alarm texts and emails indicating what went wrong. My customer would like the LabVIEW application to send these alarms and warnings to Pulseway so that they can set up rules for who gets what alarms and use the dashboard to get a sense for how all their systems are running at a glance. I am attempting to use the REST API in LabVIEW and am focusing on the GET at the moment and the response from the server seems different from what the API Reference indicates should be coming back. Do I talk to the agent running on the desktop and the agent relays the information to the cloud? or do I go directly to the cloud? Below is the front panel of the test VI I am using to attempt to communicate to Pulseway. Please help!
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