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  1. So I have a few devices that get stuck on the "Status - Checking" when attempting to run a patch policy. I've tried unregistering the machines and changing policies but that doesn't seem to help. I've tried uninstalling Pulseway from the device and then reinstalling. The only way I've been able to get past this issue, is to fully wipe the device and start over. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  2. We currently have a Windows Update policy running on all of our computers and are having difficulty finding the best way to implement 3rd party patches. Working for a school district, we have different teachers who have different needs for their students. We are trying to find a way to set up multiple groups for machines so that the appropriate software gets installed only on those machines. Our math teacher, for instance, has 20 students that needs some TI Nspire calculator software, while we have another teacher that wants some art software installed on their student machines. Some of these students might overlap but we can find a way to assign multiple policies to each machine. What would be the best way to try and accomplish this?
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