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  1. Thanks @Mark G38 that's great. Re your feature request, I have upvoted it. I've mentioned this request a few times and do find it frustrating that the Pulseway policies don't work in a similar way to AD Group Policy and require a completely new policy just for a single change. Also if I change a setting and don't use the same policy on all devices then that setting needs to be changed in multiple policies.
  2. I have a policy applied to all workstations which under Notifications > Storage is set to send a notification when a non-system partition has less than 25% (this value doesn't matter for now), however I have one workstation where I want to change this value. I can do this using the Pulseway manager, but this involves logging onto the computer to do it. When I change this setting via Pulseway Manager I can see that it adds an entry in the registry under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\HDDList - so in theory I could script this/do it remotely without interrupting the user to log onto their PC to set it, however I can't see where the Id0 value is coming from - it doesn't seem to match the disk ID or serial number, volume name or anything else I can find with the command line. I don't want to create a new policy just for one setting because policies don't work in the same way as Active Directory Group Policy, i.e. a policy with a single setting inherits all the settings in the policy above and just overrides that setting. TLDR; how can I find the disk ID that Pulseway Manager sets in the registry?
  3. The widgets in the web app dashboard (/app/main/dashboard) are tiny, and there seems to be no way to resize them. I particularly like the ability to share a link to a read-only copy which could be distributed to clients so they can see the status of their devices, but in its current state is a bit embarrassing. Is there a way to make the widgets bigger?
  4. There is a guide here: https://intercom.help/pulseway/en/articles/4384286-introduction-to-custom-fields but it's not at all clear how the fields are supposed to work as there are no specific examples to follow. Are we supposed to echo the data we want to store in the field? For example, I have a script which installs PStools and accepts the EULA for psexec. I'd like to store the result of where the PSTools directory is located (which may be C:\Tools\PSTools or D:\Tools\PSTools) so I can use it in my script to run cleanmgr but can't see how to. Setting the path system variable doesn't appear to work (but that's another topic) so I have resorted to hard-coding the path into subsequent scripts @Gabor is the author - can you add some more detail into the guide please?
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