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  1. I've just deployed Pulseway on my office's workstations and configured the AV and patch management schedules, to run after the staff have left for the day. However we have a company policy, that came from the owner, that office computers need to be shutdown at the end of day, and stay shutdown till the start of the next day's shift. I know WoL could be used to turn the machines back on for the tasks to run, what I'm unsure of is how I can have the computers shutdown again when the tasks are completed. I had thought about changing the schedule so that both events take place on the same day and setting up a scheduled task to shutdown the computers at midnight, but in that case I won't know if all tasks were finished before the shutdown and I'd be leaving the computers on and unattended for 7 hours. Any ideas? other things: Do we really need a nightly virus/malware scan if we've got real time monitoring? I tried scheduling updates at lunch. Everyone takes lunch at different times, and some people work while they eat. Avoiding the "finishing up updates" screens at the start of day is a major requirement to whatever I do. Sorry if this is a stupid question, it's been a few years since my time working with any sort of management tool, and back then I could tell my users to just leave the computers on. Thanks, Ikaika
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