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  1. Hi Paul. Thank you for your response. I look forward to the integration. If I can also suggest an option to queue up an uninstall Kaspersky task on systems that are offline rather than being able to uninstall only when powered on. This would be useful for remote systems that are powered on once in a while. Regards
  2. I used the pulseway management system to push out Kaspersky to a few desktops for testing, some of the installationsfailed because of 'kaspersky endpoint security is not compatible with the network agent lower than 10.0' on some desktops. Pulseway only gives the option to 'reboot' when this occurs. If you then try installing Bitdefender (which I bought with our desktop licenses), it installs correctly, updates and then magically vanishes like it was never installed after a few minutes of running. An event in the log is then present with the same Kasperky not compatible with the netwo
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