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  1. I'm integrating my adapter software. The solution I'd like to host the software in is targeting .net core. The PulsewayCloud.dll is written for the .net framework. Does Pulseway have a dll that targets .net core? Or, alternatively, I got the example in this documentation to work, but I had to provide the instance id of one of our existing systems. Is there a way to set up an instance id for my cloud app, or is there another option? Thanks!
  2. Hey, this is coming together. Thank you so much for your help. In my scenario, we have a 3rd party application that is in the cloud. I will be writing an API. When the 3rd party app encounters an issue, it will let us know by calling my API. When my API receives the post from the 3rd party, it will make a post to the Pulseway API and create the notification for our administrators. I'm able register my app now and post the notification, so things are looking good. Since my API will only run for short bits at a time I'm thinking the online/offline status really isn't applicable here. Unless there's some way for Pulseway to intermittently ping my API to see if it responds. Does that sound correct to you? I'm definitely open to any tips/suggestions!
  3. Hello, This sounds great. I would be writing the adapter software. I'm completely new to Pulseway, so I'm afraid I don't understand some of the language used. You mentioned, "register an Application". I'm not seeing how to do that in the my.pulseway.com/main UI. How do I do that? After I register an application, is that when I establish the "Application Name" and the "Group"? What is a Group? Does it correspond to the Agent Group in the Configuration? I'll just be sending a notification out, so will the code look something like this: Service.Instance.Configure("Application Name", "Group Name", "Running on whatever...", false); Service.Instance.Start("username", "password", "apikey"); Service.Instance.SendNotificationToAllDevices("The Message", NotificationPriority.ELEVATED); Service.Instance.Stop(); Thanks for your help.
  4. Our admins use Pulseway to monitor several of our systems. We also use 3rd party cloud based systems that will send us notifications via API. When we receive notifications from our 3rd party systems, our admins would like for me to forward them to Pulseway. I've read quite a bit of the documentation and perhaps it's because I'm unfamiliar with Pulseway nomenclature, but I'm unsure if this can be done. This thread had several questions in it that I have, but a lot of the content is still unclear for me. And at one point it was stated that what they were trying to accomplish wasn't possible, and that Pulseway was considering allowing to add notifications for other monitored systems in the future. So, can this request be accomplished? Thanks!
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