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  1. Action: monitoring website from host configuration Expected result: website is reported as up in Pulseway panel. Actual result: website is always reported as down in Pulseway panel. I have a monitored website configured on one of my hosts. Pulseway reports it as down, yet I can confirm that it is accessible from several different computers and networks. If I delete the Pulseway notification about the website, the notification comes back immediately. This site is accessible via IPv6 only. There is only a AAAA record for the host in the DNS. I presume that might be the cause of the problem, as this problem did not occur until I removed the A record for the host. I've attached my pulseway config (with certain info redacted), DNS record for the host, and curl HEAD output showing that the website is up. pulseway_config.xml curl_output.txt drill_output.txt
  2. I would like to see IPv6 address information for each system alongside their IPv4 information. IPv6 is the future of the Internet. Many end users are now only receiving IPv6 allocations, as the IPv4 address space is running out. pulsewayd already uses IPv6 for some of its connections. All of these reasons point to the importance of IPv6 support.
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