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  1. When entering the following, script, I get an error. The error message indicates that the script is adding a "$" character to the device name, and I can't figure out why. This script has been tested verbatim, working, as a locally-run script.. It will not work when pushed through Pulseway's Powershell automation. (generic PREFIX- inserted for relative anonymity) Screesnshots of Pulseway script Syntax attached, as well as identical, locally run syntax. #### $name = $env:UserName $oldName = $env:ComputerName $newPCName = "PREFIX-" + $name Rename-Computer -ComputerName $
  2. The following link appears to offer viable advice for doing such a thing. Is this the best method we can hope for at current for .exe installers with Pulseway? Not an indictment, just a legitimate question from a sysadmin, simply trying to make sure I can keep people remotely employed and properly secured in the midst of this bonkers pandemic https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47110728/powershell-download-and-run-exe-file
  3. I'm having this same issue - but the problem is that, if I'm not mistaken, I can't link to .exe. Would the best solution in the meantime be to upload the .exe installer to a web-hosted VM and deploy to each machine on Pulseway via an automated powershell script, referencing that hosted URL with proper tags? My environment does not have a VPN configured, and I have been tasked by the parent company to deploy the Crowdstrike Falcon Sensor - which has deliberately veered away from .msi. I need to deploy this on ~50 machines spread out across the country. We have no local servers, no fo
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