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  1. Thanks Paul, really appreciate the help. We've got 45 endpoints and 5 servers (ish).
  2. O-o so just to make sure I've got this correct, on prem would be the Pulseway Software that we would install on a Server (or vm i'm guessing) and it'd just cost us the normal price of ~$5-8 based on what bells and whistles we chose?
  3. Thanks Paul, what's the pricing on on-prem? -V
  4. Hey all, trying out Pulseway RMM and love it so far. We're a small shop (45 systems, 5 servers) that has to be DoD and CMMC Compliant, so I'm wondering if anyone out there is in the same boat and had any issues with such? I'm aware how communication is encrypted and the slew load of security controls in place via https://www.pulseway.com/security but it's going to be a hard sell as "it opens up our network" (and we don't even have vpns going for this reason). So any insight? -V
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