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  1. HI In the AntiVirus Agent Status section (Webroot), one of our systems is showing as installed but it also states "License expired" next to it The status of the system is showing on the Webroot Console as "Protected" and I can see that scans have been completed on the system recently We have a current license and have not exceeded our maximum number of Webroot systems. Can I ask why this status message is appearing and what can I do to correct it?
  2. We have Webroot added to Pulseway One of the systems we added is now obsolete and we would like to remove Webroot from the system If I try to remove it from the Webroot section in Pulseway, it won't allow it, as the system is offline If I remove the system from Pulseway altogether will the Webroot association be removed automatically too? Thanks Colm
  3. I removed a system from our list of systems in the configuration tree. I reinstalled Pulseway on the pc (system) and registered it again but it does not appear as a system in the configuration list How can restore a system that has been deleted in configuration?
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