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    ITCommander reacted to Alec Hackbarth in Search Pulseway by device serial number. - Please! We need this!   
    When cross referencing our asset lists, having the ability to quickly search our systems by Serial Number would be a major quality of life upgrade. As it stands, there is nothing in the search feature which allows us to look for a value that does not change as the device moves around from user to user. If someone obtains a device from an old user and the name is not updated or maybe we have an older field device with an obscure name schema from an ex-admin. If I don't know to search for that or the search feature doesn't think what I'm searching is close enough to the name, then I have to pull up the group that it *may* be in and search down each Asset Info tab trying to match that exact serial number manually. With a serial number, it's unique to that specific device and having the ability to cross reference purchase orders, receipts, asset lists, etc. to find lost or misnamed devices would be a HUGE help. 
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