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  1. i use this application on around 20+ systems which also include mobilepcmonitor....
  2. Yes. Only issue is that would generate an unnessary amount of alerts unless you only get notified about failures....thank you for the suggestion though....
  3. Would be fantastic to have a plugin for the Storegrid client app. This is a backup software which allows systems to backup to a hosted solution. Problem is that to manage the client you have to remote control the desktop. Items of interest for the plugin would be: 1. View Each Job 2. Job Last Run time 3. Status of Job (Running or Standby) 4. Last results: Failed or Success If Failed ability to get reason for Failure 5. Ability to re-run job or cancel the job. I would want this info from the client and not the server…. http://www.vembu.com/ Product is Storegrid. API fro my product is: http://www.storegrid...Services-DG.pdf
  4. Interesting. So I have no idea how to write plugins for this. What type of programmer would I look for to build plugins for me? My interest is in the Backup solution I use for my customers called Vembu. I would love a plugin that alerted me when Customers backups failed... http://www.vembu.com/ Product is Storegrid. API fro my product is: http://www.storegrid.net/docs/storegrid/StoreGrid-WebServices-DG.pdf
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