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    Yeps, he usually wins also, just not givin up up yet I don't really want to limit his access to anything, he just has a serious problem with online games (damn LoL) and gets drown into them all the time when he should be studying and I want to help him about that. I don't want to limit games in his free time or his hability to install other programs I have two ideas now, one is to restart remotely Pulseway using Teamviewer after he kills it, and the other one is to launch the program automatically every minute using Windows task scheduler, but apparently I can't do any of both without the watchdog.bat script. I reinstalled Pulseway but still no watchdog.bat in the c:\program files\pulseway folder. Maybe someone can copy-pate here the contents of that script?
  2. adimacal


    Hi, I use Pulseway only for parental monitoring, so my kid won't play online games instead of studying when I am not home -I get notified when he launches the game program and then I can kill the game from my mobile phone-, but the little bastard learnt to kill all processes in task manager before playing. I know Pulseway creates an entry in the task scheduler to launch "watchdog.bat" if it goes down, but, I don't know why, but watchdog.bat no longer exists in my pulsway folder (I reinstalled it just in case, but no, no watchdog.bat). If I create a task to launch PCMonitorSrv.exe and pcmontask.exe every minute they would not start, so I assume they must be launched with some options or in some particular way, I don't really know, just assuming. If someone can give me a clue about how to launch the Pulseway service if killed using the task scheduler or other not-too-complicated way I'd really appreciate, or if there would be a way to make the service process hidden or impossible to kill
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