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  1. Ok fair enough.. Judging from how you phrased the answer the feature is on the todo list (so to speak.) I am looking at the server event logs to see how to detect all the users and which box they logged into and out of.. Seems like a good feature to add.. so guess i could say I discovered your product a bit to early I'm sure this is not a easy feature to implement so hopefully it will be in one of the next few releases. before 3.0 Much Thanks Marius Wish all products were this attentive and thought out.
  2. I was more (and forgive me for not using the proper terminology) looking for when a user on our internal network logs into the fileserver domain to be notified of the logon & logout event using pc monitor running on the fileserver.
  3. I installed Pc Monitor (v2.7.1) on Win Server 2008 R2 with the hopes of being notified when a user logs in or out of our domain. What steps must i take to be notified of said condition ? Much Thanks btw Very Nice Product
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