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  1. I am doing a wireshark capture now due to remote not working for a client that has locked down outbound access. Should the IP's listed above ( and 165) be and 65?
  2. Anyone out there figured out any work arounds for running Pulseway on FIPS enabled devices? I can get Pulseway to start/connect/function if I modify a couple Pulseway config files by adding a line to disable FIPS enforcement, but after 24 hours or so the changes to the Pulseway config files are removed. It seems like the Pusleway app has ran some type of internal update and set the config files back to default. Open for any ideas/suggestions. Thanks.
  3. Able to install Pulseway no problem, but we do get the following error when we try and register/validate the account: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms. FIPS is enabled on these systems and we do have the .NET reg key to force TLS 1.2 pushed out using GP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Forgot to mention using Pulseway version 6.1.1 UPDATE. Actually figured out a work around. Had to add the following to pcmonitormanager.exe.config, pcmonitorsrv.exe.config, and pulsewayaddonmanager.exe.config: <configuration> <runtime> <!-- below tag will disable security policy checking for FIPS --> <enforceFIPSPolicy enabled="false"/> </runtime></configuration> Not sure which file edit actually fixed it, but it let me register the device and start the service.
  4. For customers with locked down outbound access we need to get them a list of IP' to allow Pulseway to function properly, including the Pulseway Remote access. The list that has been shared is: The customer added those, but the Pulseway Remote was not working until they added as well. Does anyone out there by chance have a current list of IP addresses for the Pulseway communication to function properly? Thanks
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