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  1. Hi @RobertBasil and @AC_Martin_J...

    I created a feature request for this a few months back.

    I don't know if it will help but it certainly wouldn't hurt if you added a comment to that thread about how you would also like to have this ability. Because it's easy to work around, I think it's less likely to be mentioned here (I didn't mention it until after I had edited installers for 3 subsequent versions) but I'm guessing there are many more Pulseway users who would like to have this ability than there are Pulseway users posting about it in these forums.

  2. Does this still work on 6.0?

    I can import the config via the UI but not via command line or during an unattended installation as I was doing with 5.x versions. Even though I was able to import a previous version configuration via the UI, I still tried exporting a configuration from a 6.0 install to make sure it wasn't a version compatibility issue.


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