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  1. So, here we use another local PSA solution. 

    The idea is to send alert emails from status to open a ticket

    Ex: if status is high, send a mail to example@example.com o a field that we can select one or more status to send email.

    This is a very important feature to show for our costumer that we are solving te issues and working a lot in his infrastructure. Some costumers need see our work in a report... 

  2. Hello people! 

    Its possible to configure a notification by mail when a script runs, with results? 

    I have some scripts that I use with windows schedule task, but if I will configure a email notification I have to configure a lot of dependencies. So I want to use the automation from Pulseway to run this scripts...

  3. When we need to install any update or modification on any server, we cannot create a restore point by default.

    we need to create a snapshot, update or install app and del this snapshot if is ok or revert if is not ok.

    this is a very important feature that you can implement to save our time!

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