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  1. Would be nice have a way to customize the on-screen autoresponder when end-users send a support request.
  2. Moved to topic in the Script Requests section.
  3. So far, this works perfectly if you manually go through and... right click > New > Shortcut > Location ... "C:\Program Files\Pulseway\pcmontask.exe" support > Get Support (or some other name) >Finish
  4. Hi Chris, Worked perfectly - now have to figure out how to put that in a script / batch and I can run that on all machines. Bravo!!!
  5. Hi Paul, Thank you. I tried that - but, I must be doing something wrong because it doesn't pull up the form for some reason. Here's what I did: Right click and selected New > Shortcut... For the location...Browsed to "C:\Program Files\Pulseway\pcmontask.exe" For the name of the shortcut... support
  6. Would like to see an option to create a desktop icon during the installation of the Pulseway manager software... linked perhaps to open the taskbar icon with our support information. In most cases the icon is hidden and clients forget that the option is there.
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