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    Kelsier got a reaction from BartB in Reorganize Scripts   
    It would be nice to have the ability to reorganize scripts.  We have Categories available for organization, but no way to move a script from one category to another.  As our script library grows, we'd like to add some more granular categorization, but this would require us to recreate scripts in the new categories and delete them from the old.  Drag and drop reorganization would be great here.
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    Kelsier got a reaction from Paul in Asset Info of Offline Computers   
    Ah - we hadn't gotten too far into the reporting yet.  I was able to find everything I need under Reporting > Legacy> Audit.  Thanks Paul!
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    Kelsier got a reaction from Paul in Deploy on Connect   
    It would be extremely useful if you had an option to run a script/task the next time a computer connects if it is currently offline.  I'm at 25 mobile users right now and it is difficult to make sure a script is fully deployed.  I'm considering rolling out to 100+ users and cant imagine how I would ensure that they all get a script.
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