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  1. Hm, at least I have never used a server name before, and since I am using the free account (only accessing the 2 machines at home), I don't think I have that option. What I found out right now is: When using the correct Username on Android, the error is "Invalid username and/or password (295)", when using incorrect credentials, the error is ""Invalid username and/or password (202)". I just removed almost all Monitoring Devices from the account, but still no Login. Is ist possible, that Andoid 8.1 ist the problem (the new phone is a Pixel 2, while all Devices where it worked where Android 7 or 7.1)
  2. Having the same problem here. Login on PC inbrowser works, but I get Username/Password false when trying to setup a new phone. May it be connected with to many devices, as I can see all devices I ever used with the pulseway app, but see now way to remove one which are not in use anymore.
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