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  1. hi i did checked the service pc monitor is indeed installed and the startup type is set to automatic. but each time i reboot my pc and check my mobile app its saying my computer is inactive and when i check my pc and launch pulseway its saying service has not started. weird thing is i also checked msconfig but pulseway is not included on the startup programs.
  2. hi peeps. im new to this program so i hope you all can forgive me for this question. im using pulseway manager to monitor my pc activity at home when im away. i just cant figure out how to set it up so it will start automatically on windows start. what i tried so far is to put a shortcut of the program on the startup folder. but i found that the pulseway manager menu is showing as launching on the screen. i want it startup discreetly. can anyone show me the way to do it? thanks in advance. btw im using windows 7.
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