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  1. Hi, Is it possible to continue a script after a reboot using Tasks? I build a PowerShell script where a reboot is required and needs to continue after te reboot.
  2. Hi Chris, Thank you for your response. I started to use the Agent Group Policy. I configured the Agent Group Policy to my needs but I still am wondering how it works. When I open the Pulseway Manager on the same server for which I created the Agent Group Policy, I checked the Notification- and the Storage settings but they are different from the Agent Group Policy. Which settings are leading? The Agent Group Policy from the Pulseway Portal or the Pulseway Manager?
  3. Hi, For many servers I want to disable the 'Send a notification when updates are available with priority' option. I would like to know if there is any PowerShell command which disables this function in the Pulseway Manager (Agent)? Kind regards, Laurens
  4. Hi there, Are there possibility's to create a Powershell script which starts a Veeam backup of a VM which you can add to the Task section? We would like to automate the Windows Updates for the VM's, but before they update we would like to make a backup/snapshot of the VM first.
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