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  1. Perfect! This will be a much simpler transition then I had anticipated. Thank you! Sam
  2. Thank you for your reply Paul. If I understand this correctly it appears all that all we would need to do is switch which account the agents are connected to? Are the custom configurations tied to the account or the the agent installed on the monitored system? Thanks, Sam
  3. Hello, Kind of a strange one here: I took over doing IT for a company that had hired a small IT firm before turning to in-house IT. The IT firm was using Pulseway to monitor our servers and workstations, but we paid for the licensing. The IT firm started to use Pulseway to monitor their other clients as well. When I took over I demanded to have access as we paid for the software and was given it, the license will expire in about 5 weeks now. They had set up some custom triggers and such that I would like to keep using without reconfiguring everything. So can I create a new account and import the old account configuration to it? Then I could strip the systems that I do not need to monitor from the new account and connect our computers to it. I had asked a Pulseway rep a while back and he assured me it could be done, but I am not seeing any obvious way to do this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Sam
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