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  1. Hi, We are a paying customer with a couple of professional subscriptions. Just wondering: what does the VMWare server module provide through the Pulseway webconsole? Am I supposed to get a VMWare server console? Because when I click through 1 to 4 (see attached screenshot), I eventually end up at step 4 giving me a black screen (note: picture is cropped). I tried both latest Firefox and IE. Am I supposed to get a VMWare console at step 4? note: VMWare credentials supplied in the Pulseway server client are correct, server connectivity is ok and I am clicking the online VM at step 3. edit: I just noticed when I click a Linux VM on the same host, it does provide me with a live screen as opposed to the black screen shown above (Windows servers). Still my question stands, is that area supposed to be an interactive console? Because the Linux box shows a screen, but it's pretty much non-interactive (can't login or anything else).
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