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  1. Hi Pulseway, I'm trying to get the MSI file to install and assign a Computer Name in pulseway. Pulseway defaults to the Computer Properties Name and I need to automate a custom name. I've tried using bother your suggested commands: 1) Pulseway_xNN.msi /qn config=FFF configpassword=PPP" (doesn't work) I've yet to successfully get pulseway to import the config file properly. Manully this works great but I need this to work at install or atleast automated from cmd. 2) Pulseway_xNN.msi /qn username=UUU password=PPP group=GGG server=SSS This works great except, this doesn't provide a Computer Name command. Is there a way to auto assin the Computer name in pulseway other then referencing the Computer Properties Name. Ofcouse I'll like to do this from cmd. Is this posible? p.s. I don't mind doing this at install or from cmd after pulseway is installed. All I need to do is automate Computer Nameing in pulseway to a custom name instead of the Computer Properties Name. auto importing a config file would work great but I need more instruction on how to do this because it hasn't worked yet. Has anyone successfully imported a custom config file from cmd? Any advice would be much appriciated.
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