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  1. Today i installed Pulseway on a new server, but noticed the checkbox/option for Remote Desktop was missing (on the System>General tab). I then logged onto a previous system Pulseway was installed on and noticed that the checkbox/option has dissapeared from that system too. Has the remote desktop option been moved, or is their a way to manually install it?
  2. I am trying to setup monitoring for Exchange 2013 using the counters and their allowed ranges as described in a TechNet article. At the top of the list are a couple of items with wildcards. Is there any way to monitor these in Pulseway? Below is a link to the article and an excerpt from the table of performance counters to monitor: http://blogs.technet.com/b/samdrey/archive/2015/01/26/exchange-2013-performance-counters-and-their-thresholds.aspx Exchange Domain Controller Connectivity Counters MSExchange ADAccess Domain Controllers(*)\LDAP Read Time &l
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