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  1. I have stopped getting the notifiations about the 25% storage, but I an getting this in the Application Event Log: "Source: Pulseway; Event ID 240001: Notification NOT sent: The free space on the non-system disk drive E: on the computer 'XXXXX' in group 'YYYYY' is below 25% (1513.18 GB free of 11177.92 GB)" Does that help pin this issue down?
  2. Yes, it is in an OU that has a GPO applied.
  3. I am getting a Notification for low disk space from one server, where I have removed all configured Storage Notifications. This is on a Windows Server (2012 R2) I had two storage notifications set up. One for C: drive and one for E: drive. The E: drive one was set for notifying when storage dropped below 25%. I wanted to change that to "less than 10GB" so made that config change. However, I kept getting the Notification for "below 25%". I have now removed all Storage Notifications, and I'm still getting the "below 25%" notification. Is there a further 'clean out' that I can do to stop this 'phantom' notification? Cheers, Geoff.
  4. So I found out a few things. At my 2nd location where I also have TMG Proxy I was able to logon to the Remote Desktop service - but only when I explicitly specified the proxy incl my user credentials. 'Connect using system settings' didn't work. Back here at work - no go, still doesn't work with either setting. G.
  5. Mmmm.. not easy on this particular network. Over the weekend I will be behind a TMG proxy that I have control over, so will be able to check. Does the client communicate over 443?
  6. Unfortunately it still fails. This is after a 1 day delay since making the settings change (and restarting the app of course).
  7. I changed the proxy settings in your app to "Connect using system settings" and made sure IE was set up correctly for the proxy server (& that it coudl load internet web sites ok). But I still get the "An unknown connection error occurred" error.
  8. I have just tried to use the new Remote Desktop client on Windows 8.1. I am at a location which means I am behind a proxy server (MS TMG). I have entered the correct proxy server details into the Settings dialog, but always get "An unknown connection error occurred". I have tried installing the TMG client but that didnt help. Any ideas what might be wrong? G.
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