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  1. Thanks for the info Paul and Marius. And no worries Paul! Will probably not go for the Enterprise version due to the same bandwidth issue (here in the UK, ISP's are really hot on over-usage!!) and the need for a stand-alone monitor machine. Dom
  2. Hi Paul, Wasn't trying to cheat - hadn't even thought about it, hence the question. Looks like the Enterprise solution would be better for us (we are a small Computer Support company - there are only 2 of us - that need to monitor 20+ Servers). Just didn't really want to have to put the software on a local system/host our own [monitoring] server. Many thanks for your help, Dom
  3. Firstly - great product. This is just what I am looking for. Secondly, I am currently evaluating the free version. Looking to ugrading to the full version, are there any restrictions on multiple users/logons? Basically, there would be 2 people (myself plus one other), both with Android phones and using the desktop client. Is this possible with the "standard" version, or would we need the Enterprise version? Thanks in advance.
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