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    Reports: how to

    Hello, I love this app and monitoring software. I am just confused about the "reports" section of the app. I would like to utilize this feature or at the very least understand how it works. I have been all over this forum and have not found much if any info on this. Can someone tell what reports are possible and how to set them up?
  2. bwirth

    CPU temp wrong

    This would be a great and useful feature to have. I doubt I'm the only one with this problem. Thank you for your help. I think you having me get pictures of all the temps drove me down the path to install CPU-ID Hardware monitor and that eventually helped me in solving what was happening. I want to suggest that anyone having issues with wrong temperatures being displayed to download Hardware monitor.
  3. bwirth

    CPU temp wrong

    I am wondering if it is at all possible to change the Names/headers and/or descriptions of what is displayed under Hardware? Is there some sort of config file I can edit or some sort of plugin that will allow me to do that? It is some what disorienting that i have to look under the Mainboard section at something that only says "Temperature #1 Temperature" to know what the temp of my CPU is.
  4. bwirth

    CPU temp wrong

    Okay looks like I figured out what the problem is. It is actually displaying the correct temps. it's just a little confusing with the labels on the pulseway app at first. I ended up installing Hardware Monitor from CPUID, that showed me what was happening. I'll attach a screen shot that shows it more clearly but the actual CPU temp is located under the "Mainboard - Asus Sabertooth 990FX - Temperature #1" section of pulseway app and reports 39 degrees just as CPUID and Asus reports it to be. The Mainboard temp is under the "Mainboard - Asus Sabertooth 990FX Temperature #2" in pulseway. The temp that pulseway is reporting for the CPU - AMD FX-9590 is the actual CPU temp but is the combined package temps for all cores. In CPUID this is being shown as "Package" temp under the "AMD FX-9590" section. Asus monitoring software doesn't have a readout that shows this package temp. So I assumed that it was just displaying a incorrect reading.
  5. bwirth

    CPU temp wrong

    I was also having the issue with CPU showing 0% on this pc. I found in another post that i could run a cmd that reloads the counter. This fixed the cpu usage issue. I wonder if that and this problem are some how related. I also had another issue with another PC running an i7 cpu that wouldn't allow 64-bit installation of pulseway. The 32-bit installed fine. I am wondering if this could fix this issue, if i uninstall my 64-bit and re-install using the 32 bit? Or will using a 32-bit installation on a 64bit windows just cause more problems? --- any ideas from the screen shot i posted yesterday?
  6. bwirth

    CPU temp wrong

    Any updates on this yet. I love this software but i the whole reason i got it is the monitor my AMD FX-9590 8-core Black Edition on Asus Sabertooth 990fx. It shows my cpu is about 25 degrees cooler then my asus provided monitoring software.
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