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  1. Resolved this myself, nothing to do with the sc delete "PC Monitor" Service was refusing to exist that's why it couldn't be found or start, un-install wouldn't work because the service wasn't real.
  2. Thanks for the response, but I get a reply with - The specified service does not exist as an installed service. Thanks
  3. Hi, Firstly I had a problem a few weeks back where the software wouldn't work on a PC running Windows 8.1, though I have used this now for 2 odd years, it installed flawlessly when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 (I have other machines with this on as well). The software itself is brilliant, and works perfectly on my other 3 machines. 3 weeks ago, it suddenly stopped working, I assume because of a Windows update, but I am unsure. I have been trying to un-install it, so I can reinstall it to get it working again, but I have been getting error 1001's, failed installations, even failed uninstalls. After many registry changes, working through the problems occurred, I have now got it back installed again and running, but there is no service, nor can I start a service that doesn't exist! Also I am now unable to un-install it at all, and I have tried everything? Any help or assistance would be greatly received. I have tried the fixes that others have posted on here, but it doesn't resolve anything. Thanks in advance.
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