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  1. Hi all! I've found this great service and i've configured on my server for some tests. I've made some changes on config.xml in order to add more services and ports and also disable the shutdown and the power off options. At the moment I have disabled the shutdown option (via config.xml) but not the other one. This is the portion of code: <AllowedCommands> <Restart Allowed="true" /> <ShutDown Allowed="false" /> <PowerOff Allowed="false" /> <Suspend Allowed="false" /> <Hibernate Allowed="false" /> </AllowedCommands> Server is a machine running Ubuntu 14.04 x64, Client is a Windows Phone 8.1 Even if it's all configured and it's seems ok, I can power off the machine and I don't want this possibility. How can I solve it? Thanks, Marco
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