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  1. Hello, sorry for wasting your time. I found out that at the same time I have installed iTunes ;-))). Processes related to iTunes ware causing problems with automatic hibernation. After ending those processes everything is fine. Your software is very fine. I would like to use it in my company, but I don't think that I will be able to convince my boss to buy licence for 100 computers. Best regards
  2. I am sorry, I can't deal with this now. I will get back when I can.
  3. Notifications for low disk space are unchecked. I have also unchecked Hard drives from System details. Now I need to wait few minutes..... Nope, that is not it :-(((
  4. Hello, XP has known bug, it goes back to hibernation state after reassuming from hibernation and idling for 5 minutes. It is useful for me. When I stop using my XP (remote desktop or dlna server) I just leave it and it goes back to hibernation state by itself. NOT anymore. After installing PC monitor it does not hibernate. I even set it permanently to go to hibernation after 10 minutes but it does not work.
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