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  1. Thanks Chris. Do you have a schedule for your new releases/updates. I look forward to seeing these changes. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I would really love to see the dashboard update notifications when an alert criteria has been corrected. For example, if I have an alert that says your ping response is longer than 300ms, I might not do anything about it but keep an eye on it; I would love for that ping to keep going and then alert me again when the ping dips back below the 300ms again. We currently monitor network connections down to Latin America as well as to the Philippines and we get network drops all the time; whats important is when we see the systems come back up whether its on its own or after we've fixed a problem. When an uptime response comes in, we'd like to hear a 2nd notification alert that is different than the downtime alert. This would also be handy with storage alerts and resource performance alerts. Thanks
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