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  1. Hi Pulseway and fellow community, I'm trialling Pulseway on 5 PCs as a possible RMM deployment to 40-50 PCs soon, however Remote Desktop capability is the real decider as to whether or not we will go ahead. With Remote Desktop (Beta), I am able to establish connection with the PCs and open a remote session with no issues - however I am unable to keep the session open for longer than 30 secs-1 min before it freezes and completely drops the session. I am able to reestablish the session shortly after but again, it drops out after 30 seconds or so. Is anyone else experiencing these sorts of issues? The computer I use to connect is connected to a wired network with 15Mbps ADSL but the remote computers are all on Wi-Fi with similar internet speeds. I have not had these dropout issues on these same PCs with other remote support programs including Teamviewer and VNC. If anyone knows of any solutions to this issue, that would be fantastic. Everything else about Pulseway is perfect for our needs but if Remote Desktop works as advertised without random disconnections, I will be able to get this over the line and purchase the licenses. Thanks
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