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  1. My two cents probably doesn't even matter because I'm using an "unsupported" flavor of Linux (Gentoo) but I thought I would mention that this issue is happening with me as well. At first I would try starting the service (it stopped running 6 days ago, non-prod servers and I didn't get a chance to look at them until now) and it would give me the error saying it couldn't find the libidn.so.11 file or directory, so I did an emerge libidn11 This solved the problem with running the service, so it will now start, but it will only run for a very short amount of time until it stops without cause. I am actually fairly new to using gentoo linux so I'm not sure where to look for the log for why it keeps dying.... or if Pulseway itself has a log file, I cannot locate it. Would love any help!! Even thought it's not "supported" Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply but I actually think I got it working. So I guess the rpm creates the "pcmonitord" command, so starting the service with "pcmonitord start" does the trick and I can view the machine stats on the webpage of pc monitor. I checked the ps aux to verify the process was running fine and it looks like all of the settings show up in the web app. I haven't tested any of the system commands just yet but the application is showing accurate system details just fine. Thanks! I hope this helps someone that might be having the same issue though!
  3. So, I looked around the forums a little bit to see if there was anything related to this issue and didn't have much luck. I built a new Gentoo box recently and decided to put pc monitor on it. I emerged rpm and rpm'd the rpm and it created the directory in my /etc and installed correctly (supposedly). I changed the config.xml.sample to config.xml and made the necessary changes. I believe that it is configured correctly and should be working properly but as I went to start the service with /etc/init.d/pcmonitor start I get "pcmonitor could not be found". Sure enough when I cd to that directory there is no pcmonitor, just pcmonitor.suse and another pcmonitor.<other linux distro>. I can't recall the actual listed distro at the moment because I'm not at the machine right now, but not gentoo obviously. I'm just really wondering if pcmonitor is compatible with Gentoo linux or not. I'm sure there must be some way to get it working, but in trying to start those pcmonitor.<other linux distro>'s, it throws errors. Hopefully someone has tried this before or has got it working with Gentoo as I'd love to be monitoring this server remotely. Any help is appreciated!
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