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  1. I would like to be notified when QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise needs updating, if it can not be done through pulseway, then a "notification" would be fine. I have a lot of clients that uses QB and this will prevent them calling me, and this allows me to do my job better and faster. Thanks
  2. Would like to find out this status on this: "ping every X minutes" to the server or IP's - there have been many times when Microsoft or AV updates happen and causes stations to be dropped from the network and cant get back to the server. And my phone rings off the hook. The stations still sees the Internet, just not the server (blocked). if I was notified.... I can put out the fires before grim reaper knocks.... Just this morning there was a AV update and somehow the FW was updated and block all my stations from the server.... go figure....
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