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  1. I am not able to get this to work. I export the pcmcfg file via the Gui, then attempt a import. The Gui starts, and the settings aren't the same as the configuration file. My plan is to create a script via SCCM that automatically imports the saved configure as I have seen the settings disappear at random intervals. We are running the OnPrem solution and any help is appreciated.

  2. Hey, Thanks for the addon.. I use it daily. I am trying to use one virtual computer as my main management box. So, my thoughts would be that I would create scripts to manage SCCM, VMM, SCOM, etc. Seems that even though I have my credentials entered, I am getting a access denied when running certain scripts that need to access remote systems. Any thoughts on why it isn't working or how to troubleshoot the issue?

  3. I have installed the client on most of my servers, now when I click the button to reload my account from the administrator console, I get the following error. System.WebService.Protocols.SoapException: server was unable to process request.. MM.Monitor.WebService.InvalidAccountException: invalid Username or password 295. Any help is appreciated. thanks, Larry

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