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  1. Hi, My current system has the following setup:- OS: CENTOS 6.5 x86_64 standard Control Panel: WHM 11.42.0 (build 23) System Type: Dedicated I was using a very old PC Monitor 2.0 installation on my system which was working fine but today i uninstalled older version and installed the latest PC Monitor 4.3 and after that my server is having reboot problem. When i select RESTART from pc monitor application on my cellphone it starts to show my server as offline after few seconds in the application. WHM/CPanel also stop working and all websites on the server also go offline. But the server is still online and i can ping it continously. It remains in that state until i manually have the server restarted. NOTE:- When uninstalling pc monitor 2.0 i also removed this line manually from: etc/sudoers Removed:- Defaults requiretty = "/opt/pcmonitor/bin/pcmonitor start" Replaced with:- Defaults requiretty Has anyone experienced anything like this?
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