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  1. I left it all night and it looks like it added all the servers but I have 3 now that show offline with the same name as 3 others. I just deleted them from the PCm client and everything seems to be running well. So the previously posted guide works well and adds a bit of automation. I assume I would have to run it every time I create a new version and put the base image back into write mode and then back to read-only. 

  2. looks like i spoke too soon. It appears to be working well, I was just too impatient. It seems to take a while for all the new servers to be created in PCmonitor, and the names keep switching around and I have double servers every once in a while but they appear to be balancing themselves out. I'll give you an update tomorrow as to how it all worked out. Thanks for your help!

  3. Here is exactly what I did. It didn't work for me. 

    When I booted the servers "Citrix1, Citrix2, Citrix3....etc" instead of creating a new machine to monitor for each server it created 1 new server and the name kept switching through Citrix1, Citrix2, Citrix3 and so on. Did I miss something? 

    1. Install PC monitor on Windows 2008 R2
    2. Launch the Application, log in, configure all settings, disable auto-update.
    3. Create a pcmon.reg file with this info.
      • Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\ComputerName]
      • "ComputerName"=""
    4. Create a newversion.bat file with this
      • net stop "pc monitor"
      • pcmon.reg
    5. When you are finished with all changes to the machine version, run the newversion.bat and it should stop pc monitor and remove the reg key.
    6. Shut down the image and change the disk from maint to test/production mode. 
    7. Boot the machine and it should create a new server to monitor in the PCMonitor client for each server booted. (takes a little while)
  4. Anyone have any insight on how to install PCMonitor on a provisioned Citrix XenApp 6.5 server? 


    I have 10 application servers that I'd like to monitor. I can install PCm after the server boots, but I'd like to build it into the base image so I don't have to reinstall every time it reboots. Of course you can install it on the base image but every server that boots is a clone of the base so the unique identity isn't there. 


    How can I make each server uniquely register itself from the base image on boot?

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