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  1. The scheduled task does not run successful every week. I cannot see any obvious reason for this
  2. Does anyone think this may be a useful feature in future releases?
  3. I don't think it is PC monitor causing the task not to fire. I was just wondering if it was possible within PC monitor
  4. Yes ut just sometimes it can be a bit unreliable and the task might not fire
  5. Is it possible to set something within PC monitor to automatically restart a server a specific time or to setup a schedule to do this? I know it can be done through schedule tasks on the server its self and then you can monitor the task, but can it be done from within PC monitor?
  6. Having an issue trying to validate the requirements and settings It is throwing up an error "Powershell impersonation is not in Settings/Runtime
  7. Thanks for the replies. Got the issue sorted. Was able to schedule in a server restart and this seemed to resolve the issue
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yes I know its trace.log and I still couldn't find it anywhere. Going to try and reinstall it and see how that goes
  9. Hi Paul, Yes have tried doing that but there is still no sign of it anywhere.
  10. Have done what you mentioned above, but cant seem to find the trace.txt document anywhere
  11. It comes up the account is valid
  12. Actually having a similar issue on a different server now. Getting a notification to say server is offline but I can login to the server through Remote Desktop Open PC monitor and it says service is running Have restarted the service and cleared out the notifications and I get the alert then again to say that it is offline.
  13. Hi, Found the issue. I was trying to start the service through the PC monitor Manager console however when I actually tried to start the services through services management console. I seen that PC monitor had been disable. I just set it to automatic and was then able to start the service. Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi Having a bit of an issue starting the service This had been installed and working correctly but I think some windows updates were run on the server and I am unable to start the service now Keep getting the error "Unable to start service" when I open the PC monitor manager and try to start the service. Any help much appreciated
  15. Are those terms not a bit broad? Will you not get a notification anytime there is an event logged with "Disk" etc.. ?? What about DHCP or DNS? Or Windows server backups?
  16. Hi, I am just wondering what events or what critical events are worth monitoring from the event viewer. Keywords, Event IDs' etc..
  17. Is there a way to create a template and push it out to all of the systems that are being monitored not just a specific group. Lets say we have 4 different groups, is there a way to push it to all 4 groups as opposed to doing it group by group.
  18. Hi, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place I was just wondering if it is possible to create a log of users logging in and logging out as opposed to getting an email or push notification every time
  19. I had a look at group policy and there are some limitations to it. It appears to me as though you cant do as much through it and some things are missing. Or maybe I am just missing something!?
  20. We manage multiple servers I was just wondering is there a template that could be created for one server for notifications etc.. and that template then be applied to other servers. Also wondering if it is possible to set notifications from the web portal as opposed to logging onto each server individually to set the notifications
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