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  1. Dell is the primary server hardware manufacture we use and right now we rely upon this alert script to send us SMTP / e-mail notifications to our ticketing system. Is there anyway for MPM to incorporate and read the OMSA log and integrate nicely? http://www.tachytelic.net/2010/03/setting-up-e-mail-alerts-from-dell-openmanage-omsa/
  2. This is something that can be easily done and would benefit us greatly when tracking assets and warranties. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/558124
  3. This is really one of our biggest issues with MPM. If we could get this functional it would be so incredibly helpful. Paul is there anything I can do to assist?
  4. We use Mozy Pro for all of our clients and would love the ability to monitor the backup status through MPM. Any ideas if this is easily doable?
  5. http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Backup-and-Recovery/Windows-Server-Backup-2008-2F7-Powershell-Passive-Check/details Nagios has a s script to do this.
  6. Where are we at on this? The error notification is working but we would like to have a confirmation of successful backup as well as a way to look at completed backup jobs per server.
  7. Actually - I was able to do a net stop and then it eventually showed offline and I was able to remove. Love when I fix my own problems...
  8. We have two machines that we no longer have physical access to but do have MPM loaded onto it. We need to delete this machine from the MPM Dashboard but cannot find a delete option. I tried a net stop from command prompt via the console but it would not stop - I was hoping by stopping the service the machine would go offline and I would be able to right click and delete the machine. Any ideas on how to remove these two machines?
  9. Agreed. I just purchased 100 seats of your software today. Main reason was the quick response time and deployment of updates!
  10. We manage over 100 servers most of which run Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2. We would love the ability to have reports generated for successful or unsuccessful Windows Server 2008 or R2 backups. This is the only thing holding me back from moving forward with your software.
  11. Yes, right click the "Remote Desktop Connection" command should go to the local IP address and not the WAN IP. This would be helpful for us because we could simply connect to our IPSec or SSL VPN tunnel and then right click the affected server.
  12. I am also in need of this feature. Windows Server Backup reporting would make this utility amazing!
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