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  1. Any update on this feature? I'd have to second the notion that there aren't many machines that I want to monitor & have no need for RDP/VNC access. They do go hand in hand. I'm using LogMeIn right now, but the need to use multiple services is an annoyances. Would be nice to streamline things and pack it all into one product..PC Monitor! This absolutely needs to be available for subscribing hosted customers. Can't justify the cost for enterprise for this feature...
  2. maphias

    WoL over WAN

    I can't seem to get this to work properly. Seems OK from over the LAN if the PC is in sleep mode. Does not WoL from hiberation or powered off....that would be nice to get that working to and get true WoL functionality. I've even got port forwarding on my ASUS RT-N66U router forwarding ports 7 and 9 on UDP to the static IP of my PC. But no WoL over the WAN. Has anybody got this to work properly?
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