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  1. Hello Chillisoft Thank you very much that is great. I unfortunately use the free version of ninite. (this is for personal use I support a lot of family members ) It would be very awesome to see a version of this that supports the free version of ninite. Like I said before I know hardly anything at all about coding outside of some HTML and very little PHP. But I would hope it would be a simpler program considering you don't have to worry about all the pro version log in and program selection things. I simply need the plugin to launch the pre-made installers I already have for each computer. Each computers installer is different my servers only have a few programs to update where as my regular computers have several programs that need updating. I wouldn't even care if I have to manually closet the installers after they are done. heck when I think about it really it could be a plugin that launches any .exe or .exe's you designate like uttorent, any anti virus, dropbox, ninite, and so on. Oh also step 5 in your readme was confusing... 5. Make sure the class 'PaulCsiki.AntivirusPlugin.AntivirusPlugin' is selected in the window that opens and click 'Ok'. Maybe a typo or something? I assume it was supposed to say NiniteOnePlugin.NiniteOne.Plugin???
  2. Ok so this may not be the right place to be asking this but... I use Ninite.com to install most of the basic applications I use on my computers. For those who don't know you go to ninite.com select from their list of applications what programs you want to install and it builds an installer for you. The installer is stand alone it doesn't install itself on your computer. When you run the installer it downloads the latest versions of the selected programs saying no to additional programs like browser tool bars and such and installs them. If you run the installer again some time down the road it will go online and search for updates to those programs and install them. All in one simple click no having to confirm locations no having to accept a bunch of agreements just plain one click install. Now My question/request is, is there a way or could some one with much greater skill at coding that me make a plugin. That would give us an easy one touch command say right under the windows update command that will launch the ninite.exe file on all my computers or one at a time and let it do its thing? Lets say I stick the ninite.exe file right in my c:\ or maybe even program files doesn't really matter. The command could simply look for the ninite.exe file in that location or where ever you tell it to look and tell it to run it. Now this needs to run the file on each computer because each computer has different programs to install it cant just pull from one ninite.exe file if that would even be possible. I hope this isnt to much of a n00b request. I just thought it would make doing program updates a lot easier.
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