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  1. Remote Desktop Client does not allow me to connect. States "Please update your agent". How do I update the agents remotely? Attached is a picture of the error.
  2. I'd also like to see this feature, even if it required installing a PC Monitor Plugin or a third part application (such as HardwareMonitor or CPUID's HW Monitor Pro). Implementing such a plugin will not only give GPU metrics, but RAM and Fan status, thus completing Hardware Notification feature-set!
  3. PC Monitor Dashboard: An optional feature that subtly moves the text, bars, and icons around the screen. Color alternating ticker. This will decrease the likelihood of a persistent image in both Plasma and LCD. If there is a Critical and Elevated, it would switch between red and yellow. If it was just a Critical/Elevated, it was flash red/yellow and black/green. If there are no alerts, it would alternate between green and black. The Duration of the alternating colors could be set by the user All fixed images (status orbs, text, horizontal bars, etc) could subtly change pixel location. A smooth and small shift could move the entire area left/right/up/down throughout the day. An alternative solution: The screen fades to black briefly, and when it re-appears the text could be in a different location. I'm not sure if pixel shift technology could be integrated into a software package without a substantial addition to the code - but it would be nice! Thanks for reading and considering this suggestion. Oops... I left the dashboard running overnight without a screensaver and came back a persistent image. Check out the attachment.
  4. 1.) Should I use Pulseway_xNN.msi /qn username=AAA password=BBB group=CCC server=SSS with msiexec? 2.) If I plan I pushing out the MSI, should I be using GPO for a logon script? 3.) Will UAC have to be disabled? 4.) Will the user have to be an administrator?
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