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  1. Thanks for this. Still struggling for some reason and this my first time struggling with an API like this. Since I have 2FA on my main account I created a new account and left 2FA off. I started testing by using the basic GET command for the api.pulseway to get the systems just to test it out. If that worked then I could move to the PSA api. If I use the username:password for that account I get a 401 "invalid username and/or password" error every time. If I try the bearer token I get 401 Unauthorized and no body returned. I did verify that the new account has API access and I can log into the web portal with no issues. I have been trying for about 2 weeks now waiting for a resolution from our customer rep, would it be possible to have the IP address blocked for excessive denied requests?
  2. We recently rolled out both Pulseway and the PSA replacing out Spiceworks help desk. Since the client portal is not as simple for user to create tickets within our mobile application, I am looking to use the PSA API but stuck. I am testing with the basic GET request to retrieve tickets and stuck on what server_name should be. Also for the authorization Bearer access_token, am I using the same token from the Pulseway webapp? Using this HTTP Request: GET https://server_name/api/servicedesk/tickets
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