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  1. In my server I have NICs, one of them is connecting via LAN to internet the second one is routing all traffic via VPN router (with VPN available only at specific time intervals) and should be used for specific apps only. Pulseway client seems to use the second one, so every time VPN goes down I get system off-line notification, which is clearly not the case. Is there any way to force client to use only specific NIC or IP?
  2. Paul, We already received more (5 devices that can be monitored now for free) and I'm not asking for even more. I'm asking for not taking away something that was given to us when we started enjoing the service some time ago. Anyhow free users that have requirements for very basic monitoring are cut off from many more advanced features that professionals appreciate for sure. If I'd need to rely on such tool in my job I'd not hesitate to pay any moment. For hobbysts, using Mobile PC Monitor privately, it is though significant step back. If I could choose; I'd stay with previous model; I just wan
  3. Then I'd really like to see all options to manage monitored devices (and that are available in mobile clients) being accessible from PC Monitor Dashboard application for Windows... Currently it is only possible to see if device is on- or off-line, it basic statistics and notifications. Not talking about users of OS X only users, that have no chance to perform any monitoring without web. Such setup users of free service are forced to use mobile client only :-( Managing the server load I do not think it makes difference if device is monitored/managed via mobile client or from Dashboard applicati
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