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  1. Yeah I used Activity manager in Mac OS to stop the process and start it again. See results above
  2. Hi folks, The message is "The account is valid" (http://pixelengine.se/tinygrab/pcmonitor-valid.tiff) Windows version works fine, showed up directly the iPhone app. Running Mac OS X 10.6.8 on the machine I want to monitor I have uninstalled and reinstalled, it had no effect @Mark: Sorry I can't see any way to stop PC Monitor for Mac. On the Windows version I can click 'Start Maintenance' but there is no similar thing on the Mac. Console output right after starting PC Monitor: 2012-09-19 19.20.50 com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[191] ([0x0-0xd00d].com.mobilepcmonitor.PCMonitor[240]) Exited: Terminated 2012-09-19 19.21.00 PCMonitor[1573] Helper JobData: { Label = "com.mobilepcmonitor.PCMonitorHelper"; LastExitStatus = 0; LimitLoadToSessionType = System; MachServices = { "com.mobilepcmonitor.PCMonitorHelper.mach" = 0; }; OnDemand = 0; PID = 69; ProgramArguments = ( "/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.mobilepcmonitor.PCMonitorHelper" ); TimeOut = 30; } 2012-09-19 19.21.00 PCMonitor[1573] Helper installed version: 12091301 2012-09-19 19.21.00 PCMonitor[1573] App bundle URL: file://localhost/Applications/PC%20Monitor.app/ 2012-09-19 19.21.00 PCMonitor[1573] Current Helper URL: file://localhost/Applications/PC%20Monitor.app/Contents/Library/LaunchServices/com.mobilepcmonitor.PCMonitorHelper 2012-09-19 19.21.00 PCMonitor[1573] Current helper version: 12091301 2012-09-19 19.21.25 com.apple.usbmuxd[43] _SendAttachNotification (thread 0xa07d0540): sending attach for device 68:a8:6d:6b:b1:2a@fe80::6aa8:6dff:fe6b:b12a._apple-mobdev._tcp.local.: _GetAddrInfoReplyReceivedCallback matched. 2012-09-19 19.21.25 usbmuxd[43] _AMDeviceConnectByAddressAndPort (thread 0xb0081000): IPv4
  3. Hi,I just really can't get this to work. The iPhone just says "No registered computers". The application on the Mac has nowhere near all the tabs shown in the Quickstart guide. This is the status: I've followed the quickguide. The account is valid on both the iPhone and the Mac, I have triple-checked account name and password. It just says "no registered computers" both on the iPhone and the web. Test notifications do work. The documentation mentions there should be a "Manage registered computers" tab under Account. I don't have that, and never have. Using latest version for Mac, 1.3 at the moment. Please help.
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