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  1. Thanks! You are correct, it's not the most intuitive way at all. That means I have to click across all the computers I'm managing, one my one. That's not practical. It's more practical, if you can scan a group of systems per se, and then show all patches missing across an arbitrary group! And then be able to select the patches, and click install. So if you have 10 machines in one group, you'll sell all the Patches, across those 10 machines. Going into machines one by one, is not practical at scale.
  2. Hello, for clients with compliance needs, I MUST have the ability to review patches before I install them. Additionally, I must have the ability to install Windows drivers etc. I know Pulseway can't do that natively from their web-app. But I'd like to know when that would come. This is not a capricious request, I need it for Compliance. I need to know the Patch Status of each group of computers. Again, for compliance. It's strange that you guys don't have this. We can't just Install all patches as IT admins, we need to review patches. Particularly for Compliance! In what time frame do you guys expect to be adding this feature?
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