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  1. I also found this on the internet last night as I have many of the apps on his list, it was driving me nuts, as I thought it was my iPad, I was preparing for the worse case, a rebuild. I have apps on the list that no matter what I have tried they will not function. It was necessary in most cases to dump the old version back into iTunes and sync. Now not sure what to think about applying updates? Please if you see apple fix these problems let us know. As too your other question on what I monitor with your program: Well I do manage the three computers in the house, this includes, one that I suspend when not using (only use for viewing security cams), all ms updates are done from the app. I do have some processes that i kill after they start. I monitor what is installed and uninstalled on each computer. I monitor certain services to see if they stop. I also watch the temps on my computer fans as a way to know when they need to be cleaned. Notifications is where I most rely on the app, I ping my NAT drives, Routers, DVR, Stereo, TV, Slingbox, Apple TV, and Security Cameras. I have actually installed twenty ms updates on my main computer and rebooted from work so that it would be just back up and running again before I walked in the door. I work as a Process Control Programmer, with large ties into the IT department where I work, and I continue to try and show them the worth of your application as a great tool. Who knows someday they may catch up with the rest of us. Thanks again for you help and the great product!!
  2. As a last ditch effort before restoring the older version, I uninstalled the app than did the device reboot, re-installed and now is working. Thanks for looking into, I have to say I use this app on a daily basis, to not only handle the three computers in my house, but to monitor all my other devices on my network. While I do not have the need for a full blown version, this app is essential for my home network. Keep up the great work!!
  3. No it is not. I have tried the following: Reboot the iPad Un-install the app and re-install I have never seen an app that reacts this way, it simply will not open. At this time I am going to return to the previous version, until your next update, unless there is something else you would like me to try first?
  4. 5.1.1 (9B206) Found today the app is sending notifications, but unable to open app.
  5. The new iPad app that was released will not start, running on iPad2, tried to remove from device and re-installed, when selecting the app the whole screen shakes, but the app will not start.
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