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  1. I have set up 1 system with Server 2016 Std that i would like to monitor and remote control via the Pulseway features. Everything is setup fine and i can connect to the server via the Remote Desktop Client and the Dashboard. The only thing i cannot do is connect to the Console session because i cannot get the Send Command (from a Windows 10) to work. I can see the Servers Desktop but cannot send the CTRL+Alt+Delete command to start the login process. I have checked the manual and rebooted the system /Regards Daniel
  2. lentzit

    Dashboard display

    I Noticed when using the Dashboard with an 25% (or larger) increased fontsize that every watched computer info gets cutoff, see the attached info. The reason for the choice of larger fontsize is that i hus a FullHD screen and to be able to read the info from a distance i need the larger size .....not an age thing ;-)
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